Three Tits. Awesome.

Three Tits. Awesome: for fans of the film 'Paul'
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A community for fans of Nick Frost & Simon Pegg's movie 'Paul'
This is a community dedicated to the Frost/Pegg movie, Paul.


1. Be excellent to each other.

2. All pictures over 400px and numbering more than one need to go under a cut, please. Icons, up to a maximum of three, may be posted outside of a cut.

3. Please ensure all fics are placed behind a cut, although headers should be clearly posted.

4. Please contact the mods or drop us an email before posting community promos.

5. Concrit is welcomed, but please respect each other's feelings and use tact and diplomacy where necessary.

6. Use of a beta and a localisation-beta (for example, a Brit-Picker) is strongly encouraged for all literary works.

7. ALL SPOILERS MUST BE CUT AND WARNED FOR UNTIL THE FILM IS NO LONGER AIRING IN MAIN US CINEMAS. This is because the film is to be released later in the US, where the majority of fans are likely to be based.

8. Don't fuck with the mods. :)

LLAP, rosiedoes, shiny_starlight & vinylsigns (joining after the US release!)
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